Volvero Testimonial
October 2018

In the vehicle-sharing sector, one of the upcoming innovators is a European company, Volvero, which provides a digital marketplace for people to rent out their own vehicle to individuals or organisations that require one on an occasional basis.

At the core of its architecture is a platform that incorporates Blockchain, Big Data and AI and Volvero selected award-winning cloudyBoss as the platform on which to base its innovation.

Volvero Founder and CEO, Marco Filippi, supplied this reference about his company’s choice of cloudyBoss.

“ The complexity of our Volvero App meant that we needed to partner with a highly skilled and experienced team. That’s what drove us to choose cloudyBoss as the ideal IT partner for developing our MVP.

We understood that our needs matched perfectly with their start-up program, Startospheric. They are highly experienced in this space. CTO, Giovanni di Noto, is a leader in DLT and has extensive experience in developing products for multi-nationals and in leading highly skilled development teams. CEO, Lou Schillaci, is a true visionary and provides invaluable business insights including dealing with investors and third parties.

Utilising the cloudyBoss NEXT+ platform, to build our MPV, means that we could go to market fast. Thanks to this technology, we were able to reduce development costs and time, in comparison to the traditional solutions.

As Blockchain DLT is built into the cloudyBoss platform it enables us to set up a secure, tailormade Blockchain for each client. It also brings together all the different products and elements we have, in just one place. The end result is an app that is simple, immediate and unique.

What makes Startospheric truly remarkable is the ability of the cloudyBoss team to “interpret” their client’s issues and deliver the right answer to their clients even before the client fully realizes the problem themselves!

The cloudyBoss Startospheric program has given us much-needed development support as well as mentoring and marketing support. Startospheric is the perfect partner and WEGO is now taking-off thanks to their support.”

Moaah Testimonial
November 2018

“By participating in the Startospheric Accelerator Program, it has given Moaah an immense boost in growth and quality of its product. The Program directors have been greatly supportive and insightful as to the technological and strategic aspect of Moaah,” stated Brightman CEO, Yun Sil Chu.

“With the Stratospheric Program, Moaah saved lots of time and resources in developing its first Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but with functions and technological advancements that matched the one of globally scalable product.

“With CloudyBoss’ NEXT+ ecosystem, the functions of Moaah’s software matched or even exceeded the levels of sophistication and development of any other competitor’s CRM software.

“This technological advancement of Brightman, provided by CloudyBoss, has given Moaah highly competitive edge and attraction to customers. With CloudyBoss’ history of achievements in the industry, it has also given the business much validation to potential investors and partners.

“I have been very fortunate to have met Lou Schillaci (CEO) and Giovanni Di Noto (CTO), leading experts in the field, who have been incredibly supportive in giving advice, insight and detailed guidance for the overall growth and success of the business.

“I look forward to a long-term partnership with CloudyBoss.”