So you’re busy creating the next big thing... you’re pioneers in your space and are ready to conquer new frontiers. And for that you need focus!

We understand that you just want to code, create and COLLECT, but you know you're also going to need infrastructure, access to blockchain technology and some guidance.

That's where we come in.

We take care of the infrastructure, the technology and scalability so that you’re free to go where no start-up has gone before ;)

Did we tell you the cost?

As a start-up we are offering all this at a subsidy of up to 100%
.... build the cool stuff
... focus on the boring stuff


How can Startospheric offer such such subsidies when others SAP you dry?

We've taken over 5 years to develop and launch our system. But like you, we're starting off small and need help promoting it. So we figured we'd subsidise deserving start-ups and let them become our evangelists.

Who is is behind Startospheric?

Well that would be the crew at cloudyBoss and a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs.

Who is cloudyBoss?

We're an award-winning team of entrepreneurs and techies who've been there and done that and now want to do it all over again but this time, help take you and your start-up to stardom.


Meet just three of the uber-experienced senior geeks, that could help propel your start-up to stardom.

Check out their LinkedIn profiles for more.
Lou Schillaci
Lou Schillaci

CEO, tech-geek and serial starter-upper

Giovanni Di Noto
Giovanni Di Noto

CTO, futurologist and brains of the crew

Claire Linley
Claire Linley

CCO, mouthpiece, strategist and the looks


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